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6x Milk Crates 8x2 Litres

  • £4000

Our classic milk crates are one of the best solutions to storing milk cartons for transport over both long and short distances. These milk crates can hold up to 8x2 litre cartons of milk, allowing you to store and transport large quantities of your product. Because of the quality materials used in the production of our milk crates, you can be confident that your goods will remain safe and secure throughout the time they are in storage.

It's not just in safety that these quality milk crates excel in, they are also designed to be convenient for storage, something many clients find to be very important. Our milk crates stack easily both when full and empty, allowing you to make the most of your valuable storage space. You'll soon see the wide range of benefits that come with using quality milk crates from a reliable supplier to store your milk products.



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