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6x Budweiser Bottle Crates

  • £5000

These lightweight and compact beer crates are the best solution for storing your beer bottles securely for travel. Investing in quality beer crates saves you money in the long-term as costly packaging is no longer required. Effectively, this means that our popular beer bottle crates will pay for themselves over time, not only in saving you money on packaging materials but also in preventing damage to your goods.

Specially designed beer bottle crates like ours have become the industry standard in transporting beer bottles all over the country as they are the most secure option, as well as the most cost-effective. Order today to start seeing the many benefits of using quality beer bottle crates for the storage and transport of your goods.


Stacking Height: 7 , 17 Inches Long , 12 Inches Breadth , 9 Inches Tall


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