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4 Tier Milk Trolley With Brakes

  • £11000

This high-quality steel milk trolley is very similar to our regular 4 tier milk trolley with the added benefit of having useful brake attachments for easier movement. These recommended milk trolleys fit perfectly alongside milk packing machines, so they can hold your goods from production to the shop shelves. This not only saves you time, it also keeps your products secure and safe from damage.

With so many uses, this sturdy milk trolley can be the perfect solution for almost any business that produces, supplies, or sells milk and dairy products during everyday operations. A quality milk trolley will save you time and stress, effectively meaning that it pays for itself in time. These milk trolleys are designed and constructed with quality in mind, so with the proper care and attention, these will last you a long time.


Dimensions 660 x 1300 x 420

Holds 80 x 2 Litres

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