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3 Sided Roll Container

3 Sided Roll Container

  • £11500

A highly durable 4-wheeled unit for the secure transportation of a wide range of different goods, making this trolley a perfect solution for a range of different clients. This model comes with three foldable sides as well as optional shelves, so you can customise it to fit all of your requirements.

This sturdy trolley is a fantastic choice when storing and transporting high-value items such as alcohol and cigarettes as it very secure, to increase security even further units can be sealed. For ease of storage the sides can also be folded so that units can be pushed together to save space. So not only is this roll container great at all its functions, it also serves to save you space, something many clients are always looking for.

The perfect piece of equipment for stores, supermarkets, suppliers, producers, and anyone who requires a long-term solution to storing and moving milk and dairy products.

Dimensions: 840mm x 1720mm x 734mm

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